About Me


With almost 20 years of experience creating content, I guess I’m what you’d call a “transmedia writer.” 

As a game writer, I was the staff writer on the DC Universe Online MMORPG. I also co-wrote the first episode of  "The Multipath Adventures of Superman" from Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

As a comic book creator, I wrote Angel City for Oni Press, the first adventure of Cassandra Cain for No Man’s Land at DC Comics, and contributed to anthologies from Image and Black Crown.

The film I wrote and directed, A Million Hits, is on Amazon Prime, and my reviews appear in Ain’t It Cool News.

As a copywriter, I've done print ads, interactive marketing, and web editorial. My clients have included The Hollywood Reporter, Going.com, and the Walt Disney Internet Group.

You can buy my books, check out my game writing, or view my advertising portfolio in the links.